GlycoLite™ PHC PV 101 is a proprietary glycoprotein complex made from white kidney beans that has been clinically proven to block complex carbohydrates from being absorbed in the intestine. In fact, GlycoLite™’s carb blocking efficacy reduces up to 25% of total calories from a standard meal by blocking carbohydrate absorption. GlycoLite™ works without pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action or effects on the human body.

The reduction of carbohydrate absorption also lowers plasma glucose levels and reduces insulin secretion. This helps manage food cravings, which can also support weight management.

GlycoLite™ is the result of extensive R&D and a long process of scientific validation of its safety and efficacy. GlycoLite™ is extracted through a proprietary process and undergoes stringent quality controls that ensure optimum efficacy and total traceability. Every batch of GlycoLite™ is certified to conform to the required specifications to ensure consumer safety and to preserve the optimum carb blocking capacity.

GlycoLite™ is an effective tool for weight management, as it works mechanically, without exerting any systemic effects on the human body. As a result of this mechanism of action, products made with GlycoLite™ are certified as a medical device for long-term use under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

GlycoLite™ is a trademark of Prosanita Healthcare Limited. GlycoLite™ is exclusively manufactured and distributed worldwide by Prosanita Healthcare Limited.